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 Oil And Gas  Transport  Solutions 


Oilfield, including drilling, completion and production



Heavy Equipment Hauling




Fluids Management Transport Disposal For Oil & Gas Company's​

Using custom-designed, trailer-mounted units, we deliver fast, efficient blending of work over and completion fluids at the well site. In addition, we provide full-service vacuum/kill trucks for wastewater disposal and well-killing operations.

Fluids and Materials Transportation

LFS Energy Services provides large capacity tanker trailers designed for over-the-road and off-road water transport, including:

  • Bulk transportation of proppant in certain areas

  • Tanker trailer transfer of blended fluids from off-site blending stations to frac tanks on location

  • Fleet of specialized tractor/trailers to transport condensate

Fluids Storage – Frac Tanks

Available for lease, our large fleet of modern, rugged frac tanks come complete with a special internal coating to ensure stored fluids remain free of solids.

 Specialty Fluid Services

  • Fast, efficient blending of workover and completion fluids at the wellsite, using custom-designed mixing units

  • Full-service vacuum/kill trucks for wastewater disposal and well-killing operations

  • Fluids expertise for constructing and operating both wastewater- and brine-disposal wells

  • Laboratory services (friction-reducer loop for frac design)

  • Water treatment for reuse

 Fluid Tanks​

  • Specialty tanks in various sizes

  • Tanks for mud/solids storage

  • Trucks/equipment for transportation, cleaning and setting of tanks

 Fluid Transportation

  • GPS-equipped truck and trailer combos to transport wastewater and treated water

  • GPS-equipped fleet of specialized tractor/trailers to transport condensate

  • Strategic locations in each of the major basins

  • Multiple full-service fluid-disposal wells


Frac Sand Transport Services

LFS Energy Services provides full 3pl management logistics solutions for the oil and gas industry. We transport frac sand, drill pipes, oil field equipment and a multitude of other products for shale oil development. Over the years, we have worked with oil field development crews, shippers and drilling companies to develop the most economical and efficient logistical solutions for everyday operations including frac sand hauling. With our attention to detail and supply chain management skills, our team of professionals knows what it takes to get the shipment moved no matter what size, shape, or dimensions of the commodity.

We work first-hand with frac sand hauling & shipping coordinators to determine the optimal mode or modes of transportation that will be necessary for the frac sand hauling and/or other materials to the fracking site. A well-developed logistics plan is essential to complete the job in an ideal fashion catering to time frames, as well as efficiency. The crude oil market is full of transportation needs and LFS  is always looking for new ways to create a more resourceful means of shipping for all sectors of the industry.

We handle the entire supply chain process from loading to unloading and everything in between for the frac sand hauling. If the trucks need port admittance, we facilitate TWIC card access as well as escort trucks for over-sized loads.

LFS Energy Services is proud of their ever-increasing client list of heavy haul equipment providers and enjoy catering to the level of service that these owners expect.  LFS logistics services are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, including bank holidays to meet clients needs, with night services proving to be very popular as a service that few other trucking companies offer.

Frac Sand Management And Frac Handling Services​

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Our team of permit experts and logistics specialists can navigate the red tape as well as the roads, ensuring that your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition.

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